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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rallies with Local Camping Groups

Once again, I have gotten a little behind on posts.  We were home for about two weeks and in mid-February, we headed out to attend rallies with two of the local camping groups that we belong to.  On Feb. 21st we were in Montgomery, Texas at the North Conroe KOA for our Lone Star Allegro Club monthly rally.  Patsy and I were the co-hosts with Sherran and Bruce Marler……. not exactly my cup of tea!!  We had to get up too early, I had to cook bacon and pancakes. and I don’t cook!!   It turned out to be a good weekend and we had fun. 

There were a couple of new RV’ers attending this rally, and both of them were nice people…… I am hoping Steve does not read this blog!!!

Here are some pictures that I took ‘after’ the rally.  The park was fairly empty without our group, except for the Didelot’s and us.  Of course, we had the better looking rigs!!!!……….


The following weekend we had a rally in Cut n Shoot, TX at Country Place RV park for our Camping Friends RV rally.  We had not camped with this group since May of last year.  It was good to see everybody again, and one couple showed up with a new to them motorhome.  They previously owned a trailer, so they were learning about motorhomes.

We also had a Texas Hold-em tournament with about 8 players and came out with the second place prize.  The food was also much better, since I was not the chief cook and bottle-washer………. I guess that is why Patsy likes to eat out!

During the latter rally, we traveled with Mark and Sue Didelot to Old Spring, TX to ‘shop’ at the stores.  It was mostly a walk around the town.

Here are a couple of pictures from around the town…..


We actually found a birthday gift for our son in the Texas Store, and Mark and I were open-minded and willing to try some of the fried OREO’s shown in the middle picture, but the wives would not have any of it.

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