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Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Days at the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay, AL

We left Little Rock on Sunday morning at about 7:30am after using the campground WIFI to check my daily websites and read our local newspaper, The Victoria Advocate, on-line.

Although we missed rainy roads from Victoria to Little Rock, our luck ran out.  We woke up to drizzle, and had it all the way to Red Bay.  I was concerned about dust at the Tiffin Service Center campground, but that was not the problem…… mud was!!

We got to the campground in Red Bay about 1:00pm, and were happy to find that there were full hook-up sites available.  We got site 56, which is in a row nearest the service shop……. a row that we have never been in before.  We also got the first site in the row, which turned out to be a good thing, because the free WIFI was pretty strong as opposed to not even having it available in the sites further away.  Here is a photo of our Bus in the site……..


We made this trip to Red Bay because it was kind of on the way to a TRVN rally in Brunswick, GA……… especially since we decided to see our grandchild in Little Rock.

My goals for this trip were:

  1. Have Tiffin inspect the Drivers Side front slide for floor rot… a known problem
  2. Have Tiffin look at a crack under the above slide in the frame
  3. Have Trevor Nichols make a dash mat for the Bus
  4. Have Chris Berry modify our washer/dryer door from folding to sliding
  5. Purchase LED bulbs for lights over our bed

Trevor and Chris are ex-Tiffin employees who went into business for themselves making coach modifications. 

The first two items were completed by Tiffin Service at no charge, and

both were found to not be a problem.

Trevor came by this morning, and took measurements for the mat, and returned about 3 hours later with the finished product and installed it. The total cost was $125.  Here are some pictures………


I went by the HHH company, the vendor for the LED bulbs that Tiffin installs in the newer coaches, and got my bulbs.  I had not replaced the bulbs in the light fixtures over the head of the bed when I upgraded to LED’s last year.  However, when we were boondocking in Quartzsite this past winter, I realized that I spent a lot of time on my computer on the bed (and watching TV at the same time) and I needed to use these lights.  The LED bulbs only use a fraction of the battery energy that the halogen bulbs consumed.  I’ve got light now……….


The last job was completed by Chris Berry at about 7:30pm….. the laundry door.  It only took him about 30 minutes to complete.  Now instead of folding and being in the way when Patsy gets out of bed, it slides and is out of the way.  For anybody interested, Chris charged $45, and that included labor and the slides.  Pictures follow…


It took some prodding, but we got all of this done in one day.  We plan to sleep-in late tomorrow, and then hit the road after noon.  

It has been cold here in Red Bay.  This afternoon, we had fairly heavy snow flurries that you can see against the dark colors of the coach across the street……….


The next leg of our trip will take us through Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Macon, GA and Savannah, GA on the way to Brunswick, GA for the rally.  We need to be in Savannah by Thursday night for a camping reservation in a Georgia state park.

More later………

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