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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Trip -- 2013

We left Victoria on Wednesday to begin our ‘scenic route’ trip to a TRVN rally at Brunswick, GA starting on March 31.  Our route will take us to Little Rock, AR for our third grandchild’s 2nd Birthday on Friday, then to Red Bay AL to the Tiffin factory for some upgrades on the Bus, and then on to the Brunswick rally.

In the days before our departure, we did some maintenance on the Bus.  Besides the new coach batteries detailed in the previous blog, we worked on and found two very slow and bothersome tire leaks.  The leaks turned out to be seals on our Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors!!!  I had to replace the seals on both of them. 

We also washed the roof and waxed all four sides of the Bus………… a job that took 4 days to complete.  Like on my cars, I always use Meguiar’s Polishing Compound first, and then apply a coat Meguiar’s Carnauba Wax.  A lot of wax on and wax off for our poor aged arms and muscles!!  Our other two grandkids came by the house, so I put them to work………..


As always happens, clean up your vehicle for a trip, and surely, it will rain soon after you leave………… and that is what was forecasted.  It even rained the night before we left, but was dry when we departed.  I took a few pictures of our clean Bus, just to remember……


Oua first stop was only 45 miles away for Prasek’s breakfast to go…… Jalopeno sausage cheese rolls for me and ham & cheese rolls for Patsy.  Since the sky was blue, I took another Bus photo!!


Our destination for the first day was Natchitoches, LA which had an old historic district with dining and shops.  We got there about 2:30pm, and had done all the walking/shopping that we wanted by 4:30pm.  We had spotted two choices for dining on blackened seafood, but it was too early to eat, and we decided to drive on to Shreveport for the night.  Here are some Natchitoches pictures………



It was a nice stop, and we purchased some gifts for our grandkids in Victoria. 

We made it to Shreveport, and found the conveniently located Wal-Mart with a fuel station where the diesel was only $3.73/gal, and by using our new PenFed credit card, we got a further 5% cash back, making it about $3.55/gal.  Along the way, we saw diesel selling for $3.95 to $4.10 a gallon so I figured it was an OK deal……. plus we spent the night on the parking lot!

Before we called it a night, we found an Olive Garden restaurant and had a really good dinner.

Tomorrow, we have about a 4 hour drive to Little Rock. We have not hit rain yet, it seems like the skies were opening up and turning blue in front of us as we drove.  We hope to make Little Rock without rain!!

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