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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Savannah Georgia and Skidaway State Park

When I planned this trip, I had read on TRVN about Skidaway State Park being a good base camp for seeing the Savannah area, and I made reservations for three nights. 

Thursday morning, we left the Wal-Mart parking lot, and went directly to the state park. 

There are archways of large oak trees over a lot of the streets and roadways in the Savannah area.  Here is the approach to the state park…..


The trees are also full of moss growth, which makes them look very photogenic.

We checked in (and found that they were out of sites…. thank goodness we had a reservation), and were sent to pick out our site.  Some had been upgraded to 50amp, but most were only 30amp with upgrading in progress.   We found a 50amp site and despite all the tall trees in the park, we found a hole where we could connect to a satellite for our DirecTV.  Here are some pictures of our site…..


After we got set up, we headed for the downtown Savannah historic district and the river shops.  Here are a lot of pictures……..


The shops faced the river, and there was a lot of activity on it.  We saw one very large ship with a load of containers from China….. where else!!!!


The above picture is a WWII memorial to the Savannah area heroes who were lost in the war.  The following is a statue to local lady that became famous for waving to the ships passing by…….


There are a lot of trees and flowers in bloom right now, like the tree in the background.

That takes care of Thursday.  The next post will cover our touring on Friday!!

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