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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend with the Texas Boomers - Part 2

The rest of the Boomers started showing up on Friday. We took the time to visit some of the local attractions while they set up. We went to the Russell Stover Candies factory store and got a few chocolate bargains at the store. We also went to the Colling Street Bakery, which is famous in Texas for making fruit cakes at Christmas, as well as other good baked goods:

We spent most of Friday and Saturday with the Boomers....... eating and visiting. Here are a few pictures. The first shows one of the ladies, Kye Ferguson, who stood on her feet for about 4 hours making 80 fresh egg rolls for the dinner:

Here's a picture of the official Margarita maker doing her thing..........

....... and then her husband, doing his thing (tasting!!)

Others just ate and visited.............

One of the "planned" events of the weekend was the 'second childhood' birthday party for one of the members...... Hamie Wright. He had managed to get a motorcycle and ride it from Virginia to Texas (or something like that), and so the rally leader decided to harrass him with a party. He was good natured about it as he unwrapped all of the kid's toys!

On Sunday afternoon, Patsy and I went to checkout another couple of local Texas State Parks. Here are some pictures from the Fort Parker State Park............

On Monday morning, we broke camp and headed south to Lake Somerville State Park, where we plan to spend a few days until the Lone Star Allegros rally in La Grange, TX next weekend.

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