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Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Tiffin Chapter Club -- Amigo Allegros

Shortly after our last trip, we recieved a notice that the Allegro Club was planning two meetings in Texas..... one in Austin and one in San Antonio, to form new local clubs. We signed up to attend the organizational meeting in San Antonio, and it was scheduled for last Thursday night. It was scheduled for 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Marriot hotel.

We left home about noon in the CRV with the intention of checking out a Yogi Bear campground at Canyon Lake, near Gruene, Texas. We were thinking about taking our grandkids there during a long outing in early June. However, when we saw it, we decided that we would keep looking for another place. Since we were near the Camping World store at San Marcos, we decided to kill a little time there. It was costly time........... we purchased a pair of recliners that we had been looking at for a while. They were on sale!

We arrived a little early at the meeting, and our friends, the Stampers from Corpus Christi, were already there. The meeting was conducted by Jimmy Johnson, President of the Allgro Club, and Cynthia Skinner, the club marketing director. Eventually, twelve couples showed up, so it was-well attended. We listed and voted for club names, and eventually, it was decided that the club would be called the "Amigo Allegros" I think it will be chapter number 186. After a bit of business, we were treated to some sodas, and a light meal. It was pretty tasty, and we got to visit with some of the attendees. Here is the meal spread...............

After the meal, we really got down to business. It was decided that the club would have a President, Vice-President (and wagonmaster), a secretary, and a treasurer. They solicited volunteers, and had a rough time getting them. Eventually, folks did volunteer, and the club has a campout scheduled for 20--22Jun in Boerne, Texas at the Fiesta RV park.

Patsy and I plan to attend the campout, which will include a meeting to set up the club bylaws and other procedures. However, we did not volunteer, or join on Thursday night because Jimmy Johnson surprised us by stating that the Allegro Club did not like people joining more than one club!!! He gave a reason, but it did not seem like a good reason to me. Patsy and I are currently signed up to attend the meeting of an existing Allegro Chapter club.......... the Lone Star Allegros, who will be camping in La Grange, Texas on 30May to 01Jun. Here are some pictures of the attendees at the meeting:

We will be at home for about two more weeks. While here, I am trouble-shooting my Pressure-Pro system. Pressure-Pro is sending me 10 new upgraded sensors for the tires, and I also plan to relocate the display so that it is easier to read from the driver's seat. I will be posting pictures...........................

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