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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend with the Texas Boomers - Part 1

We left home on Wednesday, and headed to the American RV Park in Corsicana, TX to attend the Texas Boomers Rally. As we exited the interstate at Corsicana, we ran over something in the road, and got a flat on the driver's side rear dual tire. I like having the PressurePro system, because it alerted me immediately, otherwise, I might have driven for a while on the remaining dual tire, which would have been greatly overloaded, and might have blown!!

Before we left home, I had changed the mount on my PressurePro monitor. I can now see it better when in the driver's seat. Here's a picture of the new location, as well as a picture of one of the wheels showing the sensors with a closeup of a sensor:

Here's a picture of the guy patching the tire:

We were the first to show up for the rally, which we expected. We had planned to be early because we wanted to drive a loop and see several Texas State Parks....... especially the Dinosar Valley State Park, where we plan to take the grandkids in two weeks. Rick, Laura, and Deanne also plan to meet us there for the weekend. Here are some of the Dinosar Valley State Park:

We also drove into the town of Glen Rose, TX, near the park. They have a small park with a shallow water area, and a lot of rocks. Matthew loves rocks and will like climbing here. Mom had better bring a lot of knee bandages!!

Also, just down the road from the state park, they have a new attraction that the kids may like. We are going to let Mom and Dad make that decision, and then they can take them!!

Part 2 of this weekend's post will follow!

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