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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IRV2 – Day 3

Today, we rode around the area to do some shopping and sight-seeing.   We drove through Winesburg, and found the hickory shop where we purchased a hickory rocker 5 years ago.

IRV2 -Day 3 003

We saw lots of Amish, both on the highway and in the fields.  Here is a couple of pictures of the horse-drawn hay bailer making the large round bales;

IRV2 -Day 3 006

IRV2 -Day 3 007

We also did some shopping.  Here is Mom and Patsy at one of the quilt stores:

IRV2 -Day 3 011

…. and Mom standing in an ally way with a covered bridge in the background:

IRV2 -Day 3 012

We also visited the Guggi cheese factory in Charm, OH.  Here is Mom and Patsy standing in front of the tower:

IRV2 -Day 3 015

Along the road, we found another method of stacking hay:

IRV2 -Day 3 018

We got back to the rally campground in time for an afternoon bingo game:

IRV2 -Day 3 028 

Later in the same auditorium, we had our potluck dinner.  Here is the food before it was attacked……

IRV2 -Day 3 029

IRV2 -Day 3 030

Patsy and Mom waiting our turn at the food…….

IRV2 -Day 3 032

and the food being grabbed up……

IRV2 -Day 3 033

Tomorrow, there are some seminars and an RV show.

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rlkllk said...

I bet grandma was excited they had a BINGO game since she hasn't gotten to play lately. Kids enjoyed the picture you took for them.