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Friday, June 12, 2009

Onward to Ohio

On Thursday, after spending the night in a Tennessee rest area, we continued our trip to Ohio and the Amish country.  Along the way, We stopped at a Wal-Mart for supplies.  It was a good time for mom to do some walking.  We parked far from the store, and she used a basket for support.  Here are a couple of pictures…….

Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 001 Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 002

Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 003

We then got on the road and drove to Carrollton, KY where we spent the night at another Wal-Mart.  Along the way, since mom had been riding in the passenger seat, she opted to let Patsy sit there and she ‘reclined’ on one of the couches.  Soon, however, she dosed off, and we caught it on film!!

Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 005

Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 009

While we were heading down the highway, we saw how the ‘ultra-light’ airplanes are transported from site to site…

Traveling to Ohio - Day 2 013

Tomorrow, we will arrive in Amish country.

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