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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back roads of Shipshewana

This morning at 4:30am, we got a call from the nursing home where Patsy’s dad lives.  The result was that he was hospitalized, so we will cut our trip short, and head toward home.  We still plan to make some of our planned visit, but we plan to be home by the middle of next week.

Today, we drove the back roads around Shipshewana. Our first stop was a bakery, where we got breakfast!  The next stop was an Amish country store, where we took these pictures of Mom and us at the front of the store:

Elkhart Sights 051

Elkhart Sights 052

As we drove around, we saw a lot of examples of Amish life.  I took a few pictures, and they follow………

A group of women in a “convertible buggy:

Elkhart Sights 042

A work buggy with trailer:

Elkhart Sights 054

A farmer and work team going to work:

Elkhart Sights 056

Horses, horses, horses:

Elkhart Sights 055

Elkhart Sights 057

Elkhart Sights 058

When I ‘shot’ this one, he fell over!!  (actually, he was scratching his back)

Elkhart Sights 062

Elkhart Sights 063

Here’s an old tree stump in the yard of a person with a sense of humor:

Elkhart Sights 067

The following are ‘Buggy Sightings’:

Elkhart Sights 071

Elkhart Sights 072

Elkhart Sights 075

Elkhart Sights 077

Another buggy with a trailer:

Elkhart Sights 081

Elkhart Sights 082

The following buggy was available for rides at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Convention Center and Restaurant where we ate dinner again tonight:

Elkhart Sights 092

Speaking of dinner, here are some pictures…….

The restaurant building:

Elkhart Sights 093

Mom at the table:

Elkhart Sights 095

My “Turkey Manhattan” dinner:

Elkhart Sights 096

and a ‘Quilt’ garden at the complex:

Elkhart Sights 087

They were also having an classic car show at the complex.  They called it a ‘cruise-in’:

Elkhart Sights 090

Here are a couple of shots for Mom’s favorite son, my little brother, Bubba, who has his own black ‘57 convertible:

Elkhart Sights 100

Elkhart Sights 101

and my pick for ‘best of show’:

Elkhart Sights 099

Tomorrow, we will begin our trek back…… after we hit a few more bakeries, cheese factories, and stores.

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