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Saturday, June 13, 2009

We’ve Arrived in The Ohio Amish Country

We left Carrolton, KY on Friday morning, and arrived at a Passport America (a discount club that we belong to) campground that I found on-line in Loudonville, Ohio.  It is called ‘Mohican Reservation’ and is a nice park on the river that a lot of people float and canoe.

Along the way, we drove through the Mohican state forest, and found a sign about a covered bridge, so after we got settled in, we took the Honda and drove back.  Here are some pictures………..

Loudeonville 018

Loudeonville 016

Along the way to the campground and around the city, we saw several interesting sites:

Loudeonville 003

Loudeonville 004

Loudeonville 005

Loudeonville 006

Loudeonville 007

Loudeonville 009

As we entered the campground, they had a large Teepee with a buffalo painted on the side.  This one is for Matthew and Aubrey.

IRV2 -Day 0 001

We got a site at the campground that backed up to the river.  Here is a picture from the river bank……..

Loudeonville 013

We just found out that we don’t have cell service at this campground.  It is 8 miles from the nearest city, so tomorrow, we will drive there to make our calls.  We have Cingular (AT&T now!!), but my Verizon air card works fine!!!

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