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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elkhart - Monday

Our first full day in Elkhart was not that much fun.  When we set up in the campground on Sunday, I had some issues with my rear leveling jacks.  I called Atwood's 800 number for customer service, but they weren’t much help.  They did set us up for an appointment on Monday to get a tech to look at the jacks. 

Early Monday morning, I got a call to go to a repair shop.  It turned out that the repair shop was right next door to the campground………. a short trip.

We spent the morning with the tech troubleshooting the problem with the same folks that I talked to on Sunday!  Shortly after lunch, they decided that I needed a new controller board, but the tech was convinced that I needed new jacks!

Later, when I found out that delivery of the controller would take 6—8 days to receive, I got on the phone with the Atwood company.  I argued with the representative that the wait was unacceptable, especially since the tech was not convinced that would fix my problem.  The representative told me that she had my name on the top of her list and assured me that a new controller would be delivered no later than Tuesday morning.

We parked the motorhome in their 8 unit campground with W/E, and had lunch.  We decided to take a nap, and were woke up about an hour later by a phone call.  Atwood had decided to send two of their techs out to work on my problem.  They checked out my controller and found that it was OK!!  They decided that my jacks were bad, and they had brought two new ones in their van.  Within an hour, we were fixed!!  These techs seemed very competent, and my jacks work great.  This problem worked out well.  On a side note, the lead tech told me that with the downturn in the economy, Atwood had decided to outsource their customer service, and the people were not very well trained!!

All of this was wrapped up by 4pm, so we got into the car and drove the area.  We had decided to go to Shipshewana to check out parking around the flea market for the Bus, since we had planned on going there on Tuesday morning.  The market is open Tuesday and Wednesday every week.  We forgot the camera………. so no pictures!

We did eat dinner at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant.  It was a great meal, and a pleasant end to a frustrating day.

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