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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visiting Old Friends

With the IRV2 rally winding up, we packed up Saturday morning, and headed west toward Elkhart, IN.

Before leaving Mt. Eaton, Mom had an appointment to get her hair done…… first time since we left Victoria.  She looked good and I know she felt better.  Here she is right after………..

Visit with the Quades 001

On the way to Elkhart, we planned our route through Lima, OH to visit a family that used to live next door to us in Victoria, Barb and Steve Quade.  They moved to Lima about 12 years ago.  We spent about 3 hours with them, and Barb sent us off to Elkhart with a dinner.  Here are the pictures……..

Daughter Emily in her bedroom:

Visit with the Quades 003

Here is a picture of Emily and the parents that she is training………

Visit with the Quades 007

Steve showed me something that I had never seen before…… a hummingbird nest.  Here it is next to a quarter to show the size……..

Visit with the Quades 005

The nest is very soft, and the inside is lined with a ‘cotton’ type material.  The following are pictures Steve gave me that he took when the nest was attached to a plant hanger on his neighbors patio.




We left and drove to Fort Wayne, IN and spent the night on a Wal-Mart parking lot.

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