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Thursday, June 18, 2009

IRV2 Rally – Day 4

On Wednesday evening, after I posted for Day 3, the entertainer brought some unusual “pets” ……. a large snake and a big turtle among other things!  Here are a couple of pictures……..

IRV2 -Day 4 007

IRV2 -Day 4 002

IRV2 -Day 4 004

IRV2 -Day 4 005

IRV2 -Day 4 006

On Thursday morning, we drove over to Kidron and visited the famous Leman Hardware store.  It caters to the Amish needs, and had everything powered by propane……. including large refrigerators and stoves.

After that, we went to a flea market in Mt. Hope.  There were a lot of Amish there, and we got a few pictures……

IRV2 -Day 4 008

IRV2 -Day 4 011

IRV2 -Day 4 012

IRV2 -Day 4 017

IRV2 -Day 4 018

IRV2 -Day 4 023

The above picture was taken on our way back to the campground.  The weather was getting nasty!!

In the evening, we went to a dinner theater at the Amish Door restaurant in Wilmot……. about 6 miles from the campground.  The food was good, but there was a funnel cloud sighted nearby, and the sirens went off. 

We were herded into a safe place in the restaurant, but since we had left Mom at the Bus, I left and went to get her and take her to a safe place.  It got somewhat scary.   All worked out, but the funnel cloud was seen by several people at the campground and was less than a mile from us!! 

The interruption came in the middle of the show, so I stayed at the campground and Patsy, who had stayed at the restaurant, was able to finish the show.  Here are some pictures I got before I had to leave…..

IRV2 -Day 4 025

IRV2 -Day 4 026

IRV2 -Day 4 037

IRV2 -Day 4 038

Today is pretty much a free day until tonight, so we are going to explore the area again.  Mom is having a good time.  Tonight, there is a gathering, and prizes will be given out….. we will see if we are lucky!!

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