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Monday, June 15, 2009

IRV2 Rally – Day 2

This morning, we opted to get into the car and drive around the area. 

Our first task was to find our “Amish basket lady” from the roadside stand on Saturday, and give her the dimensions that we wanted for our two custom made baskets.  We had the address, and used our GPS to find the house.  It missed and we went to the wrong house, but they pointed us to the right farm.  We placed our order and will pick the baskets up on Friday.  I hope they fit!!  I will post pictures on Saturday.

As we went out to get into the car, our neighbor with the motorcycle was unloading it, so we watched.  Here are some sequential pictures:

IRV2 -Day 2 001

IRV2 -Day 2 002

IRV2 -Day 2 003 IRV2 -Day 2 004

IRV2 -Day 2 006

IRV2 -Day 2 007

IRV2 -Day 2 008

For those interested in details, here is a closeup of the docking unit on the front wheel:

IRV2 -Day 2 005

On day 1, the rally leaders introduced a scavenger hunt contest, where they gave you clues of stores in the area, and you were supposed to figure out which stores they were giving hints for, and go to that store and pick up a ticket.  There were 5 such stores, and we managed to find all five of them today.

Upon leaving the campground, we got a picture of the entrance to the campground:

IRV2 -Day 2 010

Tomorrow, we will hit the road again, but this time it will be for sight-seeing, so there will be more “sights” photos!

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