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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to Shipshewana

As planned, the Spartan mechanic showed up for the Bus at 7:15am (EST), and we were completed and back on the road to Shipshewana by noon.  We had heard about an Amish settlement in Centerville, Michigan, and since it was on the way back, we decided to explore it.

We did not find any Amish, but did she some farms.  We also followed a “covered bridge” sign and found Langley Covered Bridge which was under construction for repairs.

Michigan Trip 002

Further down the road, we found Klinger Lake, which was a lake side town.  Passing through it, we found some antique cars parked at a home.

Michigan Trip 004

We got back to Shipshewana about 4:00pm and checked into the Shipshewana campground near the flea market.  Here is our site:

Elkhart Sights 085

We had a long day, and did a little drive around Shipshewana, only to find all the stores had closed at 5:00pm.  We turned in early, and planned to sleep late on Thursday morning.

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