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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elkhart, Indiana

We left Fort Wayne this morning, and drove to Elkhart.  We drove the back roads and looked at the sights……….. this is also Amish country!!  Being Sunday, we saw very little activity before noon, but a lot of folks were out in their buggies after lunch.  However, we did not get any pictures. 

After we parked the Bus at the Elkhart Campground, we went for a ride in the Honda.  We went to Shipshewana to check out the flea market area but again, since it was Sunday, almost no businesses were open.   We also drove to Nappanee to see the Newmar motorhome factory.  We had wanted to do a tour, but they had a sign on the door that the plant was closed to their annual 2 week vacation.  There were also very few finished motorhomes or new chassis sitting around!!

On the way to Nappanee, we drove through Goshen, IN.  Patsy got a picture of the city hall, and on one corner they had a “police guard house” to protect the bank across the street from robbers in 1939.  Here are the pictures…..

Elkhart sights 008

Elkhart sights 010

Elkhart sights 012

Elkhart sights 015

The Elkhart area has a “Quilt” event going on.  Several cities have real quilts, wooden quilts on sides of buildings, and quilt gardens along a designated route.  Here are some pictures:

Elkhart sights 006

Elkhart sights 017

Elkhart sights 022

When we got to Elkhart, we checked into the Elkhart campground mainly because Nick Russell of “The Gypsy Journal” fame had said nice things about it in his blog.  When we got parked, I opened the door, and there was Nick & Terry’s bus……

Nick & Terry Russell 002

I called Nick to tell him we were here, and we later visited.  I went to his coach while Patsy made dinner, and then Nick and Terry came over to our Bus.  I took a picture of them with Mom!!

Nick & Terry Russell 003

Tomorrow, we will tour more of Elkhart.

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