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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plans Change!!!!

Well, our travel plans for the early summer are going to be modified.  On Tuesday, May 11, my 90 year old mother was scheduled for her regular 4 month interval “throat dilation” associated with a hiatal hernia that she has.  This has been going on for about 18 years without a hitch.  That Tuesday, they discovered that the hernia had gotten big enough that it had to be ‘fixed’. 

We had medical tests done, and met with a lot of doctors, and her surgery was on Monday, May 18.  The surgery went well, but being 90, her recovery is slower than we had hoped for, but the doctors say it is very good, given her age. 

We missed the Lone Star Allegro rally this Memorial Day weekend.  At this point, we would have to hit the road on next Friday night to be at the Spartan Homecoming on June 2 in Charlotte, MI, so, it looks like we will miss that also.  We still plan to travel to Dundee, Ohio for the week-long RV rally sponsored by the IRV2 RV forum, but time will only tell!  When the time comes, we will plan a new route.

We did make a short trip this weekend.  We knew that our friends from the defunct Gulf Coast RV Club, Carolyn and Ralph Valenkamp , were camping at the Lake Texana State Park, about 30 miles from here.  So, I called and told them that we would run by and eat a hamburger with them.  Patsy and I took a break and let my brother and his wife handle the hospital-sitting duties, and we drove over to the park.

We got to the park a little after noon, and it was raining.  However, that did not keep Ralph from honoring his commitment to make the burgers.  He grabbed his umbrella in one hand, and his charcoal lighter in the other, and kept the fire going!  I was a little embarrassed being at a site with the “Aggie” umbrella, but luckily, there was not much traffic with all the rain!!

Here is a picture of Ralph and Carolyn:

Lake Texanna with Ralph 018

Here’s a couple of shots of the cook:

Lake Texanna with Ralph 005

Lake Texanna with Ralph 011

Ralph had a nice camp setup, with a screened picnic table where we ate:

Lake Texanna with Ralph 013

Right before we left, Ralph blew up a small swimming pool for his grandson:   Both Ralph and the little guy were happy with it:

Lake Texanna with Ralph 014

Lake Texanna with Ralph 016

Hopefully, the next posting will be from the road!!!

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