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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pending Trip…… Updating the Blog

At the middle of this month, Patsy and I are heading out on a 6 – 8 week trip.   We will begin with a Memorial day campout with the Lone Star Allegro group at Lake Livingston in Onalaska, TX.  Then, we will head to Charlotte, Michigan via our daughter’s house in Little Rock, Arkansas, to participate in a Spartan Chassis Owner’s Homecoming event. 

Following that, we plan to enter Canada at Detroit, and travel to Montreal via Toronto.  We will spend 8 days in Canada.

Following that, we will return to the USA and travel to Dundee, Ohio for a week-long RV rally sponsored by the IRV2 rv forum.

I have also been lax in keeping the blog up to date.  It’s just not a lot of fun posting when we are not on an RV trip, but I wanted to get it up to date before we left on the next trip.  Therefore, the following five post will accomplish that………. and it will be updated regularly from now on.

Later………. from the road!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Richard and Patsy we will be seeing you in Dundee, Ohio. We will be attending the rally too. We are staying in the lodge not pulling the Trailer. Should be nice we drove by at Christmas. Raymond's family is about 30 miles. Hope the weather is going to be cooler then Texas.

See you both there..