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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

West Memphis, Arkansas

We left North Little Rock early Monday morning, and arrived at the Tom Sawyer RV Part in West Memphis, AR at about 10:30am. Our sites were empty, so they let us check in early. West Memphis is just across the Mississippi River from Memphis, TN

Unfortunately, when we woke up Monday morning, Patsy was really ill. Compounded by the fall that she took on Friday morning, Sunday, she came down with a bladder infection. Luckily, we had some antibiotics that we carry, and she got right on them. By bedtime Sunday, she was feeling a little better. However, she woke up at 5:00am on Monday and was feeling very sore………… probably from the fall. She took some tylenol for the pain, and soon was vomiting. By the time we got to West Memphis, she was really bad and still vomiting. We asked about doctors at the campground office, and got a 1:30pm appointment with the family doctor of the lady at the check-in counter.

After doing urine and blood testing, the doctor was convinced that she had a very bad bladder infection, and gave her more antibiotics and some pills for nausea. She continued to vomit and be real sick until about midnight. By Tuesday morning, she was finally sleeping, and during the day she seemed to improve and got more rest.

Mark & Sue and Greg & Mandy arrived here at about 11:00am, and we had a good visit. We decided to cook fajitas that we brought from HEB in Texas on the grill and everybody made something to go with them. Patsy finally felt good enough to join us late this afternoon, and continued to improve. Just to be safe, I signed us up for another night here in the campground……… so, if Patsy is still feeling good tomorrow, we will tour Memphis with our friends. However, Connie and Manuel will be leaving early on Wednesday morning to drive to Red Bay for their appointment on Thursday to get some work done on their motorhome.

The other two couples will head for Red Bay on Thursday, and Patsy and I will take off for Washington DC. We did get some good news via email tonight. About 4 weeks ago, I wrote to Senator Kay Baily Hutcheson’s office to get a tour of the White House (It is no longer open to the general public). The email stated that we are approved for a tour on October 10 at 11:00am. That is the Friday of the week that we will be in Washington DC.

Tom Sawyer's RV Park is located on the Mississippi River, and you can sit and watch the barge traffic on the river. It is nice and quiet!

I'll post more pictures later, but here are some pictures from today. The first one is of our rigs at Tom Sawyer RV Part (l—r: Didelot’s 5th Wheel, Faure’s Phaeton, Esparza’s Phaeton, and our Bus):

A picture of Greg and Mandy riding their bicycles that Sue Didelot painted to hang in their rig:

Our fajita cookout on Tuesday night...........

On Wednesday, Patsy woke up feeling much better, so we are headed into Memphis to do our tourist thing. More later...................

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