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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Washington DC -- Day 7

On Friday, we had a reservation to visit the White House. It was at 11:00am, and we arrived at about 9:30am. We went to the White House Visitor Center to get a heads-up on the things that we would see on the tour. We went to the White House as scheduled, but we were delayed because President Bush had a press conference on the White House lawn.

We still entered before our appointment, at 10:45am, and we were inside the White House when the president left in his helicopter. We were not allowed to take a camera into the White House, so we have no pictures. In fact, we had to leave the camera at the Bus in the campground while we took the subway to the White House. I did get some pictures just outside of the White House using my cell phone, but I don't know how to download them to the PC!!

After the tour, we went back to the Bus to get the camera. We decided to have lunch at the Bus and then take the car back downtown. Our plan was to take some pictures of the White House exterior, and then hang around until sunset and get some night photos. The following are our White House photos:

Here are the night time photos of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. As you can tell, we started at early sundown, and then waited until it was really dark. These are the best of what we got............

We got up Saturday morning and got ready to head to the Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) country. Before we left, we located the closest "Trader Joe's" store (a grocery store that we found in Arizona and California), and picked up some of our favorite foods. In honor of my buddy, Mark, I also picked up so Joe-Joe's...... their version of Oreos!!

Of course, I will eat them before I meet up with Mark and Sue in November!!!!

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Connie and Manuel said...

We are enjoying your Blog.....Have a great time and stay safe.