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Monday, October 6, 2008

Washington DC -- Day 3

Monday was Patsy's Birthday. We slept in this morning, by accident, and did not get started on our touring until after 10:00am (local time):
We decided to leave the car at a local subway station, and take the subway into DC. It worked very well. The campground is only about 3/4 miles from the station, and the ride on the train was only about 30 minutes. Here's Patsy sitting on the subway and getting a birthday wish from our son, Rick!!

We had reserved our Washington Monument tickets on-line on Sunday night, and only had to show up at Will Call and pick them up. We decided to get off the subway at the Smithsonian stop, which was the closest to the monument.

Once there, we went to secure our tickets to the monument, which were for 3:00pm, and then went to the National Air and Space Museum and toured it. We were in the museum until almost 2:00pm, when we headed toward the monument. Here are some pictures from the Air and Space Museum, and since it dealt with transportation, there was an old brochure on an early motorhome............

Patsy in the gardens outside the Smithsonian...........

The entrance to the National Air and Space Museum...........

Patsy at the Wright brothers' air plane.........

Patsy celebrating her birthday with a spaceman............

We then went to the Washington Monument. Here are some pictures, including the last four, which are from each direction out of the windows at the top of the monument.

After the monument, we went to the Museum of Natural History. The grandkids would have enjoyed this one........ it was a lot about dinosaurs and other pre-historic mammals.

We also got to see the Hope diamond on display. Since it was Patsy's birthday, I told her that she could take it, but she was reluctant!!!

We also walked the mall a lot.......... a whole lot!!! Here is a picture of the Capitol, and several shots of the Smithsonian Castle from the mall:

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