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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Empire State Building and The Theater

Today was a very long day. We left the campground about 9:30am and got familiar with taking the PATH system from Jersey City, NJ to NYC, and then using the Subway system to get around the city.

Our first stop was the Empire State Building. It was sort of by accident........ it was the closest attraction on the map when we popped out of the hole in the ground called the subway!! It took about an hour waiting in line to get to the ticket booth ($17 each), and then another 45 minutes in line to get to the elevator to the top (86 floors). The weather was nice up there, and it was a nice view.......... but we weren't too sure of what to look for!! Here are some pictures (The top of the Chrysler Building, Central Park, the statue of Liberty, one of the streets filled mostly with taxis and busses, Patsy atop the ESB, and me at a model of the ESB):

After the Empire State Building, we headed toward the Times Square area. When we got there, we asked about theater tickets, and found out that we were near the discount theater ticket building, where they sell 'unsold' tickets for tonight's shows at a discount. We stood in "another" line for an hour and a half, but we were third in line. We got great seats for the musical, Chicago, for a 50% discount. We stood in line with a mother and daughter from England, and enjoyed a visit while we waited. We also shared a McDonalds snack in line! Here is a picture of me standing in line, and some shots of the theater, inside and out.

After we got the tickets, it was 3:30pm and the show did not start until 8:00pm, so we walked around the area and took in the sights. Also, before the show, we went to an Olive Garden Restaurant, and had a great dinner. Here is some of what we saw as we walked around........ Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Skating Rink at the Rockefeller Center, and a variety of transportation around the city:

We also went into a M&M candy store, and found a 'congratulation gift to give to Mark and Sue for their new motorhome. However, it costs too much, and they may have peanuts, so Mark.......... here's the thought!!!

To close today's post, here are some night shots of NYC........

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