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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Amish Country -- Day 3

On Tuesday, we traveled south of the campground........ to the Strasburg, PA area. It did not seem as active as the northern area, and in the afternoon, we returned north. During the drive, we spotted a lot of farm machinery at work in the fields (for another blog, later), and took pictures. We also saw a couple of hot air balloons in the late afternoon............ one orange, and the other striped. We followed the striped one to it's landing, and got a few pictures of people, many were Amish, excited about seeing it.

The following pictures tell the story.......

Also, during the drive, we picked some local farm produce, and Patsy made us a nice home-cooked meal. While she was cooking, we had a knock at the door............ and when I answered it, a nice couple asked me..... "Is this King's Highway?", which is the name of our blog. They said that they had been reading it for a while, and saw that we were in the same campground. They were Cindy and Skip Myers from Greenville, South Carolina. Here is their picture:

They also said that they read Connie & Manuel's blog, and and the Didelot's blog!

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