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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaving NYC and Heading to Red Bay, Alabama

After a rainy and windy Saturday, we woke up on Sunday to a very clear and pleasant day. This was our day to pack up and head back south. Our next stop is the Red Bay, Alabama campground, the location of the Tiffin factory where our Bus was constructed. We have a November 3 appointment to get some warranty work done.

While I used the internet to pay our monthly bills, Patsy walked around the RV park and took some pictures of the area.......... especially the marina and our views of the Statue of Liberty. Here's what she got:

We did not get on the highway until about noon, and as we headed south, we noticed that the fall foilage had really turned and gotten very colorful during the time that we were in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and New York City. On Sunday, we drove as far as Harrisonburg, Virginia, and spent the night on a Walmart parking lot.

When we got up on Monday morning, we really began to notice the fall color off in the distance. Knowing that we were near the Blue Ridge Parkway, we decided to take the Bus on a few miles of it. We got on it near Lexington, VA and drove on it until we got to Roanoke, VA.......... about 70 miles. We saw some beautiful color.......... and the following is just a sample of the 150 pictures that we took. There are a lot of them, but it was hard to choose. The first picture will probably become the back of our RV Business Card to replace the picture that we now use:

The speed limit on the Blue Ridge Parkway was only 45 mph, and we made a lot of stops. As a result, we only made it to a little bit past Knoxville, TN, and spent the night at a Walmart parking lot somewhere between Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Patsy had gotten a phone call on Monday that her dad had been admitted to the ICU at the hospital in Victoria. After a few phone calls with her sister, she made the decision that she was going home.
We got up early on Tuesday morning, and drove hard for Red Bay, and arrived at about noon. As soon as we got set up at the campground, Patsy and I took the CRV and I drove her to Memphis, TN where we met our daughter, Deanne. Patsy and Deanne will be driving to Victoria to help with Patsy's dad's recovery.
I will be staying in Red Bay to get the warranty work done. At this time, we don't know if Patsy will be coming back, or if I will be driving home alone.


Kelly said...

Gee, I hope Patsy's dad is okay. I so enjoy your blog.

skipandcindy said...

Richard, We hope that Patsy's dad is doing fine. Also thinking of Patsy. You must of had the Bus going to get to Red Bay that quick.

Vicki said...

Richard, why did I think you guys spent time at Lake Somerville rather than Lake Livingston? Was Mark putting me on about eating kolaches in Snook, TX?

Vicki Moore

Richard and Patsy King said...


Mark lied to me about where we were!!!!

..... or maybe I made a typo!