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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camp "Red Bay"

After taking Patsy to Memphis to meet up with Deanne, I returned back to the Allegro campground in Red Bay, and spent my first night "on the runway". The campground was full with all of the snowbirds stopping on their way down South to get some work done. There were about 30 rigs parked on the runway waiting for a full hookup site.

On Wednesday morning, I went to the factory to find the Phaeton that my buddy, Mark didelot, is having built. Mark and Sue had been here, but needed to return to Lake Charles for some doctor's appointments. It was not at the factory, so I drove over the paint factory in Belmont, MS....... about 8 miles away. I found it at the end of the paint line, where they inspect it for flaws, and fix them. Since Mark has already posted a picture on his blog............ I will now add these!!

Later in the afternoon, I got the phone call from the campground office that they had a site for me, and I proceeded to put the slides in and raise the leveling jacks. The driver's side front jack did not come up. I had been having a small pain in my back for about a week, and after washing the bugs off the front of the Bus on Wednesday morning, my back hurt so much that I could not bend down to get on the ground to look at the jack. One of my neighbors did, and he could push it up, but we had no way to keep it up. I went to the office and told them to give the site to somebody else, which they did, but they also set up with the service people to come by first thing in the morning to see what they could do.

At about 8:00pm, Wednesday, I was laying in the Bus watching TV, and I started thinking about the last time that I had a back problem. It was about 7 or 8 years ago, and it was sciatic nerve problem, and on the second morning, I could not get out of bed!!! I started getting concerned that the next morning would be a repeat, and I am here alone. I looked for a hospital in the Red Bay area on the internet, and found one here in Red Bay. I got into the car, and drove myself to the emergency room. It was the fastest service I had ever seen in a hospital emergency room, and I was out of there in about 45 minutes. They doctor agreed that it was the sciatic nerve, and prescribed some muscle relaxers and pian pills. The next morning, and until now, it still hurts like hell, but I can get up!!!

I had a service appointment to get the annual service on the engine and chassis at a garage about 2 miles from the campground, so I was glad when the technicians showed up at 7:30am on Thursday to work on the jack. All they did was to push it up, and then put a self-tapping screw through the leg to hold it up. The leveling system is still inoperable, and I get a constant alram when the key is on, but I cna move it.

I was able to drive to the garage, but I had to listen to the "jacks down" warning alarm all the way. At the garage, they completed the annual service........... except for the engine oil & filter change and the chassis lubrication, which I did at home in Victoria. They changed fuel filters, cleaned the radiator, check for metal in the differential, and checked the 'ride-height'. They put the Bus up on a rack............ it was neat to see that much weight in the air!!

I drove back to the campground, and on the way, the office called to tell me that I had another site. I got #36, right in the middle of the campground. When I got back, I parked the unit, put the slides out, and dumped the tanks. The park is full.......... and there are constantly a lot of people on the runway.

On Friday morning, I drove over to the Belmont Paint factory to check on the progress of Mark's Phaeton. It had not arrived back from the final finish area of the production line yet, but I was able to take care of another issue for Mark with the tile people.

I spent the remainder of Friday resting my back, and working on my computer.

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