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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heading Home via Sherman, MS


On Friday morning, I got the final item fixed (the fuel leak), and took the Bus back to my campground site to get it ready for the trip back home to Victoria, TX. I cleaned the floors and carpets from the dust and dirt from both the campground and the shop, and I washed the rugs. To keep Patsy happy when I finally got home, I even did some dusting. I cleaned the tanks and filled with fresh water.

I then took a shower and put some clothes on to wash. As the clothes were washing, I layed down and watched TV................ a couple of hours later, I woke up!!! The pills that I was taking for my back pain from the pinched sciatic nerve were still making me drowsy even though I quit taking them on Thursday night. I was trying to get myself conditioned for the 800 mile drive back home.

I called Mark at Sherman RV in Sherman, MS, and he told me that he had a spot for me at the dealer with a 50amp power hookup. I finalized my bill with Tiffin, checked out of the campground, and drove the 50 or so miles to Sherman. It went well, but it was not as easy as I thought without Patsy in the co-pilot seat letting me know if traffic was clear..... especially when approaching angeled intersections, and helping me watch for road signs.

When I got to Sherman, Mark and Sue were working hard to find a place for everything that they took out of the U-haul truck in the motorhome. We decided to drive into Tupelo and have dinner. We ended up at the Cancun Restaurant, a mexican food restaurant that they had gone to with Connie and Manuel a few weeks earlier. It was pretty good. By the time we got back to the dealer, my back was killing me, so I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill, and hit the sack. Here's our setup at Sherman. The rig in the middle is a used unit that they were working on:

Saturday morning, Mark and Sue used my CRV to take the U-haul truck back, while I slept off the effects of the pills. I watched Mark do a few things to his motorhome, like install the "Rod and Marsha" covers on his Fantastic Vents, and install mud dauber screens over his heater vents. The first of the next two photos shows Mark installing one of the covers, and the second shows him admiring the piece of tile flooring that Sue had uncovered while putting stuff away. She was doing a great job, since she had no help!!!

Sue was washing some clothes and making sure the washer/dryer was working OK. The dealer told Mark, just like they told me last year, to just dump the wash water in the ditch. I noticed that Mark was using the "Patent-Pending Esparza Low Life drain system"! Here's a picture, just for our buddy, Manuel:

While in Tupelo on Friday, we had purchased a 'printer server' to install in my Bus so that I could use the wireless router to send stuff to my printer without hard wiring! Mark attempted to install it, but he could not get it to work correctly, and we were short on time. I had decided to start me journey home on Saturday afternoon, and he was expecting his cousin to pick he and Sue up for a Gumbo supper........... I think it was being late for the Gumbo that put the most stress on Mark!! All's OK.......... we are meeting up again in December for the Christmas rally of the Gulf Coast RV Club (http://gulfcoastrvclub.org/).
I got on the road at about 2:00pm, and after being on the road for 7 hours, including a two hour nap in an interstate rest area on I-55 in Mississippi, I made it to the MS/LA border before shutting down for the night in a Walmart parking lot.
Sunday driving went well. I was off the pills for over 36 hours, and I made it the last 500 miles by 7:30pm when I arrived home. I even stopped at Papasito's in Houston for a well deserved shot of good mexican food........... after being out of Texas for 2 months.

My next post will be detailed pictures of the WIFI system in the Bus.

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