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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heading to New York City!!

It's been almost three days since I last posted. We got up Thursday morning, and made one last ride around the Amish countryside. We visited a tourist stand with homemade jellies and relish. We purchased about 8 jars, including some sliced jalapenos. Actually, our nice neighbors in Victoria, who are taking care of the mail, scored pretty good at the stand.......... if the stuff doesn't get opened before we get home. Here's a picture of the stand:

We also took a picture of a one-room Amish school house so the grandkids could see how and where the Amish boys and girls go to school:

We left Kincer at about 11:00am, and drove to Reading, Pa, which was about 30 miles away. Reading is famous for outlet stores. Vanity Fair (VF) turned an old factory area into a giant outlet mall, and it looks like others have followed them to Reading. We weren't impressed with the VF stores, too much stuff, and some closed stores. We did stop at a nearby JCPenney outlet store and bought me some warm gloves and a couple of black tee shirts. Patsy found a bargain on her kitchen dishes and glasses for home.

Before driving into Reading in the Honda, we had parked the Bus on the lot of a Cabela's at Hamburg, PA, on I-78. Cabela's is known to be RV friendly, and had an RV section complete with a dump station. We were told about this Cabela's by the Myer's, who we met at Kincer. They had spent a night here. We were already familiar with the Cabela's chain, because we have taken the grandkids to the one in Buda, TX to see the acquairum and stuffed animals.

We decided to spend the night on the Cabela's lot, along with about 4 other rigs. Here are some pictures (the second picture shows the colors that we woke up to on Friday morning, while the last two show the front of the Cabela's store):

On Friday, we realized that we were only about 2 hours from New York City, and we knew that as we got closer, boodocking areas would be scarce. We had checked with the Marina RV Park in Jersey City, NJ, where we have reservations for a week for our tour of New York City, but they were full, and could not fit us in early. Being that close, we decided that we would stay on the Cabela's lot one more night. Since I had already hooked up the car for leaving, we drove across the street and filled up with diesel. We then went back to Cabela's and parked the Bus, and left in the Honda for a tour of the area to see the sights and colors. Here is what we found:

After spending a second night on the Cabela's lot, we used their dump station to empty our waste tanks, and headed toward New Jersey. We did an internet search, and it appeared that the town of Clinton, NJ would be an interesting place to stop......... and it had a Walmart!! After a 65 mile drive, we pulled into the Clinton Walmart, only to find signs stating........ "No overnight RV or Truck Parking"!

We parked anyway from noon until 5:00pm, and took the Honda to explore the area. We walked the two blocks of shopping areas, and saw the local museums......... actually old mills that had been converted to museums. One, the red brick mill, was quite picturesque......... and I managed to get a photograph of an artist painting a picture of it. As we walked through one of the galleries, it appears that the bridge that we drove and walked across, used to be a "covered bridge"..... as depicted by a local artist. Here is what we saw (note the artist working in the lower part of the second picture):

After leaving the downtown area, we drove though the countryside. We found some back roads, and a couple of state parks in the area. Here are some "color" pictures that we got:

It is now Saturday night, and we are parked across the street from the Walmart, in the RV section of a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Cracker Barrel is another business that is friendly to RV'ers, although this will be our first night in a Cracker Barrel! Here's our peaceful location:

Next post will be from NYC!!!

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