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Friday, October 24, 2008

NYC Wrap-up -- Chinatown & Little Italy

On Friday, Connie and Manuel moved out of the park and to a town about 15 miles away to visit and stay with a cousin of Manuel, who is going to show them New York City. Since Patsy and I will be leaving on Sunday morning, we are finishing up our visit. Today, the plan was to visit Chinatown and Little Italy.

On the way to Chinatown, we saw St. Paul's Chapel and the adjacent cementary. We noticed a sign that said the church was pre-revolutionary. Patsy also recognized that this was the church fence were the flowers, ribbons and pictures of lost people were posted during the 911 incident. We decided to walk inside, and they had become essentially a museum of 911, with many displays of items from the 911 time period. Here are some pictures:

It turned out that George Washington attended this church, and they had his pew on display:

We then walked around the Chinatown area. It was unique.......... a lot of fish markets, fruit and vegetable stands on the sidewalks, and stores with cheap stuff............ made in China!!!! Here is a pictorial, and the last picture is a fire station in chinatown:

Right next to Chinatown was Little Italy. In contrast, Little Italy, had the sidewalks full of restaurant tables and people eating. There were also Italian stores with clothing, and ethnic foods.......... especially cheeses and meats.

Patsy and I also had a nice lunch in Little Italy, but at an indoor "garden" restaurant because it was too cool to eat outside.

We also knew that our favorite specialty grocery store, Trader Joe's, had two stores listed on 14th Avenue, almost next door to each other. We went by to check it out. The deal was that one of them was a wine store.......... and they almost had the famous "two buck chuck"!!! Here's proof:

We know that the Trader Joe's chain is popular, but here, they had 18 checkout stations operating, and they had two guys at the back of the store holding signs telling people which line to get in for checkout!! The line went half way across the front of the store, all the way along a side wall, and then almost all the way across the back of the store! Waiting time had to be 30--45 minutes!!!!

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