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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Memphis, Tennessee & Beale Street

On Wednesday, we woke up with Patsy feeling much better. After starting the day out doing laundry (we did sheets and rugs because the park had free laundry!!!) , we decided to spend the day in Memphis.

We went to the Mud Island River Park first. The park is a scale replica of the Mississippi river from it’s origin to where it dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. When we found a place in the parking garage, Mark spotted an old Mercedes that I think he wanted as a tow car….

We walked out the 1/3 mile to the park to save $4 each. The walkway was one floor above the monorail system. Here are some pictures of the area from the elevated walkway, including the walkway…………..

The “river” was about 5 blocks long. Here are some pictures, starting with a description of the project………

Here is Mark and Patsy standing in Memphis…… at the two interstate bridges across the river, and the two railroad bridges………….

Here is Patsy standing in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The following pictures are close-ups of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street……..

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the end of the river……….

After the river park, we drove down to Beale street. It was Biker night, and they were expecting a lot of motorcycles to attend. It was slow during the early evening, but picked up as the sun went down (notice the 3-D effect in the billboard below)……………..

We also chose to have dinner on Beale street. Here are photos, including one with Mark and Sue tasting the seafood gumbo before we went in and ate!!

Tomorrow morning, we plan to leave the park early and head toward Washington DC. It will be a two-day drive.

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