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Friday, October 24, 2008

Downtown NYC with the Esparzas

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and check out the entry for Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Connie and Manual arrived in the campground at about 5:00pm Wednesday, and were here when we got back from NYC. Having known that Manuel had Tiffin make some paint changes to his coach, at first I thought that this was his coach!!!!

When we found the right coach, we visited with them for a while Wednesday evening, and then made plans for an afternoon in NYC. Our intent was to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trump Tower, Tiffany's and Macy's Department Store. We pretty much accomplished that mission as well as had dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant. Here's a picture of their rig at the campground:

Here are pictures of St. Patrick's cathedral.............

Next, we headed to Tiffany's. I took one picture in the store, and security told me "no photos"! I couldn't deny that I took it, I was in the mirror on the counter!!!! I did take one of Connie and Patsy outside the store......

After Tiffany's, we walked to the Trump Tower. It was a very nice building, and even had trees growing 'outside' on the upper floors. Inside was just as magnificent, with a full wall serving as a 'water-fall fountain:

After the 'tower', we walked to the Olive Garden restaurant and had dinner. Here's a shot of Connie and Manuel at dinner:

After dinner, we walked to and through Macy's. It was large, but not very fancy. I did not take any pictures!!!!

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