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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The "Inner Harbor" at Baltimore

We left Saturday about noon to head for the Lancaster, PA area to tour and spend some time in the Pennsylvania Amish country. We got to a Wal-Mart parking lot just inside the Pennsylvania state line about 3:00pm, and decided to unhook the car and drive it back to the Inner Harbor area in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a nice evening.

Patsy had seen a hamburger place in 'DC' called "Five Guys", and by coincidence, Nick Russell mentioned it in his blog the same week, so when we found one at the Inner Harbor area, we tried it. The burgers were good!!

The Inner Harbor area was a nice place to spend the evening. We saw street performers, lots of shopping areas, boats of all kinds from big yachts to kiddie boats to the schooner, The Amistad, another sailboat, and a lot of people to watch!

Here are some 'Inner Harbor' pictures.........

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