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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Washington DC -- Day 1

After we got the Bus settled into the campground site, we took the car and began to explore the DC area. We left about 1:00pm and wanted to be back by 4:00pm for a 'sightseeing' meeting that the campground puts on each day. They explain how the subway and bus systems work, and what our options are for seeing the area.

With such a short time in a new city, we opted to visit the Great Falls National Park in Virginia, and then return for the meeting.

After the meeting, we decided to see a little more of the area. We opted for 'Old Town' Alexandria. Along the way, we stumbled onto the Fannie Mae building (but did not get a photo), and the new National Cathdral, where we did get pictures!!

We made it to Old Town Alexandria, but the sun was going down......... as you can see from the picture above. Here's a pictorial view of the old town...........

Tomorrow, we will drive into DC.

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Kelly said...

Hi. Stumbled upon your blog while you were in Little Rock (that's where I live) because someone on the North Little Rock Argenta blog had your blog site listed for people who wanted to see how you RVer's were reacting to North Little Rock's first RV convention. I am having so much fun looking at your pictures and reading about your adventures. Hope you don't mind. Looks like you're having so much fun. I have a blog too. Just started mine. It's just old stories of mine right now but I wanna add pictures and blog more about current happenings in my life. Love your blog. I feel like I'm getting to see a little of the US too!