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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Central Park and Grand Central Station

On Tuesday, we chose to do Central Park. We took the subway to the south end, and walked the entire park. We criss-crossed it a couple of times to see different areas of it. Here are some of what we saw..........

The first two pictures are of "the dairy". Today, it is a visitor's center, but in the 19th century, it was a dairy where kids could get a glass of milk:

The following is a picture of "the mall". Similar to the mall in Washington DC, it is a walking area lined with monuments. It seems to be a popular path for the 'dog walkers' in New York City:

There is an area in Central Park dedicated to John Lennon. It is called Strawberry Fields, and has this mosiac with tiles from Italy, to honor him:

There is also a castle-like structure built on a high rock. It is called Belvedere Castle. It was errected in 1869:
There are a couple of small Lake areas in the park, and several fountains. Here is a sample:

At the end of the walk, we visited the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. It was a nicely layed out garden with fountains and peaceful sitting areas..............
After Central Park, we explored the Grand Central Station. Here a look at the main concourse:

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