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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rally at The Rock – Part 6

We got up this morning and said goodbye to Wayne and Marynelle. They left to get to Red Bay early before most of the Tiffin owners from the rally got there. Connie and Manuel will join them next Wednesday.

We then left for the Wyndham hotel for our rally breakfast. We had a 9:00am to 10:00am reservation, but we got there about 8:3am, and they let us in. That turned out to be a good thing because when we left about 9:00am, the line was down the hall and around the corner!!

After breakfast, we headed to the Riverfront Park to approve the colors and design for our shirts. Along the way, we took a picture at a bronze turtle in a park….

Patsy and I, as well as Connie and Manuel, were very pleased with the results. Here are some ‘in progress’ photos…… with the first one being the initial cut at it and the colors were off………..

Here is one of the shirts, with each of our individual logos that was sewn on………

We went to the Rally Hall and did some shopping. My buddy, Mark, called me when I was about 50 ft from the Pressure Pro booth and told me that he had lost a sensor……… So, I was able to pick him one up, and got it at a good price, since Manuel had just spent $600 with the guy yesterday!

On each day of the rally, they draw member’s FMCA numbers, and I checked the board. I waited until Patsy got there, and we needed to draw a prize number out of a bowl. Patsy drew, and won a hand-sewn quilt………….

Sunday evening, they had the final entertainment. The performer was a solo appearance by a lady named Wally Barbee from Branson. She did a great job, including several wardrobe changes. Here are some pictures…..

Earlier in the day, we noticed that a lot of rigs were leaving, I guess to avoid the Monday morning rush when we have to vacate. I talked to Manuel, and we found a better place to park………. Right next door to the evening’s entertainment!

We plan to leave about 8:00am on Monday morning. We will be heading to the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, AR……….. right on the Mississippi river where supposedly you can watch the traffic on the river. We expect to meet Mark and Sue Didelot and Greg and Mandy Faure there on Tuesday.

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rlkllk said...

Shirts look good, and the quilt is pretty, I'm sure the kids will love the picture of grammie and the turtle. Have fun! See you when you get home whenever that is.