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Monday, September 22, 2008

Maumelle Park – Little Rock

We left Arkadelphia at about 11:00AM, and drove to Maumelle State Park in Little Rock. We arrived and got set up in our reserved sites, and then took off in the car to check out the FMCA rally site. We wanted to verify the route for Monday’s drive to the rally.

After that, we drove over to Benton, Arkansas to see the house where we used to live, and to visit the plant site where I used to work in 1979. Here’s the house….. 28 years after we moved out of it!

Here’s the main building of the Tabular plant at Alcoa in Benton. This was the area that I managed there:

We then drove back to Maumelle State Park, stopping at a Kroger on the way to pick up some groceries. We had planned to grill something outside and have a potluck with our friends Wayne and Marynelle who were already at the park and set up when we got back. Here they are relaxing…..

At the park, we also cleaned the bugs off the front of the motorhome. After Patsy and I cleaned our Bus, the other two couples decided to clean their bugs off. Here’s a couple of pictures of Connie and Manuel working while our neighbor, David Cross of Centrailia, IL looks on!!

Monday, we head to the rally site for 7 days.

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