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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rally at The Rock – Part 5

We got up early on Saturday morning, and went to the River Market ‘Farmer’s Market” in Little Rock, which opened at 7:00am. We purchased a few fruits and vegetables, and enjoyed just looking around. Here are some pictures:

We heard from one of the tram drivers that the rally had a little over 900 rigs attending. We had earlier in the week decided that we wanted to go across to Little Rock and try to go into one of the taller buildings and get a picture of the rally site. So, that is what we did after the River Market, and ended up on the 17th floor of the Peabody Hotel. This is the hotel that has the ducks that are paraded through the lobby. It turned out that 17 floors in the air was not high enough to get the photo that we wanted, but we got a few anyway……

Some of the pictures above show a good look at the Dickey Stephens ballpark where we attend the nightly entertainment. Our rigs are parked in the trees to the left of the bridge!

We then went to the North Little Rock Farmer’s Market. It was a lot smaller, and we did not find anything to buy, but we did look!

After checking with every farmer in Arkansas, we went to the rally hall and attended a couple of seminars, and shopped a few more vendors. Patsy had me buy her a black light so she could find all the ‘pee’ stains in the bathroom, and a bottle of ‘Urineoff’ to get rid of it!!

Later, we went back to the Riverfront Park area to check on our embroidered shirts, and found that they still weren’t ready. I did find a shirt design and I had to take a picture of it…… since it reminds me of conversations that I have with some of my friends and people that I meet on the road. I think that my buddy, Mark, can relate!!

After that, we went back to the rigs and had lunch. Patsy and Connie then went to a craft seminar, and I went to the local library for WIFI. At 3:00pm, we attended the ice cream social…………… and got an ice cream sandwich!!

Later we watched the Texas/Arkansas game that ended up being a blowout. In the evening, we had dinner with our daughter, Deanne and her friend. While at dinner, Alma, the shirt lady, called to say that our design was ready and that we needed to come by and approve the colors……… we will do that first thing on Sunday morning.

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