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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rally at The Rock -- Part 3

On Wednesday, we drove down to the Farmer's Market area in downtown Little Rock, only to find that it is only open on Tuesday and Saturday! Connie & Manuel and Marynelle & Wayne decided to visit the Clinton Library, while Patsy and I returned to the motorhome. We had already seen the library on a previous visit.

In the afternoon, we got with Connie and Manuel and decided to "ride the trolley". It is free with our rally passes, and we had heard that it gave a good downtown tour. It was nice and we got some good pictures.......... especially of the rally area as the trolley crossed the river bridge:

The following show some of the motorhomes along the riverfront:

I also got a couple of good pictures of the Arkansas Queen River boat and the docking area:

On Thursday morning, the rally began. We plan to attend some seminars, and look over the exhibits:

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