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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rally at The Rock -- Part 4

On Thursday morning, Connie made us breakfast, and then we walked to the Alltel Center where they happened to be having a commercial Arkansas Marketing Fair. We picked up several goodies!

The rally really got into full swing later on Thursday, . In the afternoon, the opened the motorhome show with an 'open house'. They had several million dollar Plus Newell homes here, and the rumor is that two of them have sold already!! Here's Patsy with a Margarita, and Manuel with our friends Marynelle and Wayne at one of the coaches:

On Thursday night, the entertainment was an old group called Sonny Burgess and the Pacers. The venue was at the Dickey Stephens Ball Stadium, a new baseball park in North Little Rock. The played a lot of the oldies from the 60's, and were pretty good.

On Friday, the vendor section opened up. We went to the rally hall to see them, and then went back to the coach area to check on ordering some shirts with our Bus embroidered on them. While walking back to the rally hall, Patsy fell and cut her head with her glasses...... and messed up the glasses. I took the glasses and had them fixed, and we called our daughter, the surgeon to come to the Bus and patch up Patsy. It turned out that Patsy did not need stitches, but Deanne was recovering from a sprained ankle that she got while visiting Chicago earlier in the week. When I got back to the Bus with the repaired glasses, both of them were laying on a couch!!! Here's Deanne.........

After we confirmed that Patsy was OK, we went back to the rally hall, and Manuel purchased a "Pressure Pro" tire monitoring system for his Phaeton. Part of the deal was that they vendor was going to install it, so we went straight back to the rigs, and watched the installation. One of the sensors leaked, so Manuel and I had to borrow an air compressor to air up his tires! Here is some of the action....

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