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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yuma Flea Markets – Friday

We knew that Yuma had a couple of good flea markets, and that was our plan for Friday. We went to the newest one at about 10:00am and stayed until about 2:30pm. Here are some pictures:

Here is Mark standing by a trash can eating pecans:

Here’s a picture of the wives heading to the car with their ‘stuff’:

On the way back to the casino, we stopped by a Wal-Mart, and got some ground beef to make tacos. They were good!! After we ate, we went to see Greg and Mandy Faure, who have their motorhome parked in a mobile home neighborhood here. On an earlier phone call, Greg had offered to guide us on a trip to Algodones, Mexico, so we made our plans to leave at 10:00am Saturday, and we went home.

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