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Friday, January 18, 2008

Quartzsite -- Friday

Today did not start well. I was fast asleep at 8:20am local time (9:20am Texas time), when Mark called on my cell phone to complain about "no internet". You see, yesterday, we decided that our best bet to have access to the internet 24 hours a day, was to plug his satellite dish and the internet router into the inverter on my Bus. Somehow, some lights and switches got left on overnight, and my batteries got too low, and the inverter shut itself down. He could have waited until I awoke naturally, but being 'trailer trash'............. he didn't!!!

When I went to start my generator and to reset the inverter, I must have done something that the generator breaker did not like, and it tripped. With no power coming out of the generator, the inverter would not charge my batteries. Being new with inverters, neither of us had a clue as to where to start, so we got out the manuals......... and not being a big reader, I called the inverter technical help line. When I explained to the technician what had happened, and what we had, he said it looked like we had no power to the unit. We started at the source of the power, the generator, and found the tripped breaker. All that took about 45 minutes!

With that behind us, we put away all the manuals, had breakfast (pork loins that Sue had made, and an English muffin for me courtesy of Patsy), the four of us took the car and headed to the Tyson Wells flea market area. The traffic has gotten very heavy and after parking under an I-10 bridge, and walking a ways to the market, we all agreed that from now on, we would walk to all places from the campsite.

We spent a good 3 hours at the market. Here are some pictures.............

An old guy using a magnifying glass to burn designs into a gun stock:

Mark and Sue in the crowd:

Patsy and Sue trying on hats:

Patsy and Sue buying gloves at $6 a dozen!!:

Mark hitting on the only woman in Quartzsite that 'wooden' run away from him:

We got back to the campsite about 2:00pm, and we were really hungry. It didn't help that a lot of food vendors were frying onions, sausage, hot dogs, barbeque, and whatever else. Patsy had some beef fajitas that we picked up in Fredericksburg at an HEB before we left Texas, so she got them out and Mark fired up his gas grill, and within 30 minutes, we were eating a very good meal.

Later in the evening, we had planned to have a "5:00pm happening" around a campfire, but it was a little cold, so some of us moved into the motorhome of Virgil and Sharon to eat and play a game of "Pegs and Jokers".............. at least I think that's what it was called. Here's what they looked like:

It was a guys against the women game, and naturally, the guys won! Tomorrow, the Big Tent opens in Quartzsite, and we will have to seen what that brings. I know from past years, the first day will be packed.

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