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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quartzsite -- Tuesday

Today, we had planned to catch up on touring some sights that we had not gotten around to yet. We began with a run into town with Mark and Sue to see some RV 'Homes' that are for sale in a new subdivision of Quartzsite. They are small homes, mostly targeted to older/retired people with an RV garage either attached or next to the house. They had some nice features, but were poorly designed (needed input from real RV owners), and they were very pricey for what you get.

We then ran some errands............ hitting a grocery store for Patsy, and getting another tank of propane for Mark. We also had to haul some water for Mark...... yes he ran out of water, too!! We toted it in small jugs, and as we were pouring it in his rig, he commented that at least we would not have a picture of it. I think he wanted the world to see that he can't manage water much better than gas, so Patsy found a camera and got a shot of the operation:

Note the cooler on the ground catching our spillage from our rigged up pouring system!!! We caught it and poured it too!!

Nick Russell is a full time RV'er who publishes a quarterly RV newspaper called the "Gypsy Journal" He also writes a daily blog that is often very interesting. You can find it here:


Both Mark and I have met Nick a couple of times. He and his wife, Terry, converted a commercial bus into a motorhome by themselves. Nick is sponsoring a rally in Casa Grande, AZ during the second week of February, and we are signed up to attend. From reading his journal, we need he was in Quartzsite, and approximately where....... so on the way to get Mark's water, we looked for his bus and found it. We stopped and visited for about 30 minutes. Before we left, I got a picture of Nick and Terry in their converted coach:

Just as we got back and began to pour the second load of water into Mark's rig, some Tiffin folks that the four of us had met at a Tiffin rally in Murchinson, Texas last Fall called to tell us that they were leaving the big tent, and coming to see us. That got me out of loading anymore water.

The couple were Greg and Mandy Faure, who own an '08 Tiffin Phaeton, and are full-timing. They are currently in Yuma, where Greg is 'working' at a bicycle shop. We plan on meeting up with them again in Yuma this weekend, and they are going to guide us on a 'crossing the border' trip to Algodones, MX at Yuma. Greg also told me about a very good price for the "Pressure Pro" tire sensor system at the RV show, so Mark and I went and I purchased a system. They normally sell for $690, and they were selling the 10 sensor system (which is what I need for six motorhome tires and four toad tires) for $490.

We also took the opportunity to introduce Greg and Mandy to Chuck and Loraine North, another Tiffin owner that is camped with us. Greg and Mandy plan to return on Wednesday night to participate in our cocktail hour.

Tonight, we had another great cocktail hour, but after we ate, it turned 'different'. A new couple brought a Karaoke machine. I found that a karaoke machine is for humans like the little wheel in a mouse cage is to mice........... it lets somewhat normal people make fools of themselves for the entertainment of others!!

Here are some examples, and clearly a time where a picture is worth a thousand words........ something our friend Bob of Bob and Linda would never agree with!!!!

Here is some of our group trying to sing and read the words off the monitor:

Here's my buddies Mike #2 and Mark congratulating one another after their attempt at stardom:

........ and then the ladies, with Patsy in the middle of it all, gave it a try with "Stand by Your Man":

As it went on, some folks decided to strut their stuff. Here's Mark and Sue doing their thing:

Most of us were entertained by what we saw, but some folks just seemed like they did not know what to make of it all:

All in all, I think this was one of the best nights yet. Everyone seemed to have a good time........ whether entertaining or being entertained!!

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