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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quartzsite -- Wednesday

The weather today was nice, but it turned cooler in the evening. Early this morning, Mark and I went to the big tent area to make our final purchases. I got an oil filter for the Cummins diesel engine and a gallon of oil (spare) to carry with us, along with an extra front hub cap, since I lost one coming here.

Mark purchased a "Mexican Train" game set.......... even though he had orders from Sue not to buy one!

When we got back to the campsite, we found that Linda and Mike had invited us to go to lunch as gratitude for us helping Mike install their WAVE 8 heater plumbing. Mark chose to go to "Sweet Darlene's" restaurant since we had heard so much about it. We had a variety of foods from hamburgers and fries to grilled chicken.

Here we are inside the restaurant. Mike and Linda are in front, and the couple in back are Mike (#2) and Kathy Nix:

After lunch, Mark, Sue, Patsy and I looked for the booth of a guy who flies a small plane over the camping area and takes photos. We want to get an aerial photo of our campsite. He had one, but it was not complete because it was shot before everyone got here, so he is going to try a flyover tomorrow, if the weather is good. We plan to check with him in the morning.

When we got back, Mark and I checked and set the SWR on my CB radio, and then I began the installation of the "Pressure Pro" that I purchased yesterday. I got the power cord hardwired into my electrical system, and I pressured up all of my tires to the correct pressure using my on board compressor. Tomorrow, I hope to install the pressure sensors and test the system.

At cocktail hour, Greg and Mandy Faure came back by, as planned. Greg was wearing a shirt that was meant for Mark. It read.... "Mess with me, and you mess with the whole trailer park!" Here is a picture of Greg and Mandy (kinda for the Crofford's of the GCRV Club so they can remember them!):

We all had a nice meal and enjoyed visiting. Somehow, we ended up in the other Allegro Bus owned by Chuck and Loraine North.. I think it was because it was cold! About 8:00pm, another Tiffin owner, John and Bev from Canada, who own a Tiffin Phaeton and go by the name "JAG&BEV" on the Tiffin RV Owners Network called and said that they were at the ranger station. Chuck ran over and picked them up, and we visited until almost 10:00pm. Here is a picture of John and Bev:

The Didelot's and us plan to break camp tomorrow (we have been here since last Tuesday, and we are running out of fresh water, and our grey and black water tanks are getting full), and head for Yuma, AZ. We will be there until Monday morning. We are also looking forward to an electrical plug so we can be 'wasteful' with electricity again....... like watching TV and washing/drying clothes. We may even take a bath "every" day!!

We also plan to visit the local tourist sites, hit the two big flea markets, cross the border to Algodones, Mexico, and take a day trip to the famous "slab city" in California.

The next post will be when we find WIFI or we set up Mark's satellite system again!

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