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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quartzsite -- Monday

Monday was a slow day. Mark and I helped Mike Desch install the tubing in his and Linda's motorhome to run their new WAVE 8 heater. The job turned out to look really good. Linda gave us a requirement that she did not want to see the plumbing when the heater was not in use, and they both wanted the cutoff valve under the stovetop. We were able to do it, but it took a while!!

Before we worked on the heater piping, I took a few early morning pictures of our camp site. We have 12 RV's currently........... 5 fifth wheel trailers and 7 motorhomes. Here are the pictures (the last one shows ours and the Didelot's campers, and you can see Mark's internet satellite dish setup between our rigs. This is the first time that we have had open WIFI in the RVA camp, and people are really appreciative that Mark is sharing it):

This morning while running some errands and picking up a few items, we came across some 'washing machine' fire pits like ours, but we thought ours looked better built!!

Each year, the RVA group inducts new members into the Quartzsite camping family. Tonight was the night for this year's ceremony. The men are presented with official "Quartzsite Trailer Trash" ball camps. The following pictures show Mark getting his camp from Mike Desch, and the total group of new "RVA Quartzsite Trailer Trash" for 2008.

The couple on the right are Chuck and Loraine North, and they drive a Tiffin Allegro Bus. I met them through the Tiffin RV Owner's Network.

We also had another campfire meal............ and toasted marshmellows and made some more S'mores! Here are Patsy and Sue putting them together, and a happy recipient of one. His name is Josh, and he is the grandson of one of the couples. (Aubrey and Matthew should also look at Sues hand......... she is wearing 'finger lights' just like they are going to get when we get home):

The sky was clear tonight with a full moon. I took the opportunity to take a couple of shots of the Bus:

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rlkllk said...

I don't think that Matthew and Aubrey will be wearing the fingers! They might decide to eat them instead!! Since I'm starving them and all!! :)