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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Phoenix Superbowl Site -- Wednesday

We decided that we would drive to the Superbowl area in Phoenix before the congestion got too bad. The traffic was unbelievably light, with most of the activity being the vendors setting up. There were a lot of TV satellite trucks and dishes around the area. The Goodyear blimp was cirulating the area, and there were a lot of security camera all over the place. Following are a few pictures (the third one shows Mark scalping tickets to the game):

The following is a picture of the Bus in the Palm Garden RV Park, and our muddy site. The second photo shows our "wooden" deck, and welcome mat that we found at our site after we got back from the convention center. The management at the park had been real responsive to the condition of our sites. They even brought in some extra rock. We were just happy to have a place to park with the Superbowl here:
Here's a couple of permanent sites here in the park:
Here are a few shots or the park...... the fountain looking toward the entrance, the pool, and the shuffle board area:

Tomorrow, we plan to drive out the Apache Trail, and visit the Goldfield ghost town and Tortilla Flats.

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