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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quartzsite to Yuma -- Thursday

We woke up Thursday morning to a wet and drizzling day. We had already decided to break camp and head to Yuma by the afternoon, but decided to move slowly and let the sun come out and dry things up.

Mark and Sue wanted to go back to the Big Tent to talk to some prospective “Workamping” employers. Greg and Mandy had told them about some sugar beet harvesters, and about Adventureland in Iowa. We went back to the tent, and eventually found them. They got the information, and Patsy and I listened. We may enjoy that too!!

Since we had some time to kill, we decided to go back to the La Mesa lot and look at Phaetons………… because the Didelot’s are moving in the motorhome direction! We went back and got hooked up with an amateur salesman who could not or would not talk prices. So Mark went to the office and got linked up with a guy who could talk prices, but he would not talk about a serious discount. We eventually walked away. Here is Mark and Sue ‘dealing’ with the sales guy:

We then went to their ‘restaurant’ and had a free lunch of spaghetti & meatballs with broccoli salad. Here are some pictures of our lunch, and the second one is for our friend “Bob” who likes to take pictures of his food:

We then went back to the camp, and began to get ready to leave. We picked up our chairs, fire pit, and tables, and began to tell everybody good bye! We left and went to the dump area to dump our 10 days of sewage and bath water, and to take on some clean drinking water.

Yuma was a good 2 hour drive, and we got there about 4:00pm. Linda Oddo had told us about a deal for 3 days of camping for $20, if we would listen to an hour and a half of sales pitch. Since we could not find a campground in Yuma, we decided to try it. Besides, we all really wanted a power plug after boon docking for 10 days in the desert. However, when I called, they did not have any opening for a sales pitch!!

We then decided to check out some more BLM land that Mike Desch had told us about. We found it, but it was full, and the few places where we could squeeze into looked like they would become a bog when it rained.

We tried a Sam’s parking lot, but it was a little cramped. We then tried the Paradise Indian Casino on the West end of town, and it was fine…….. just no power hookup!! Here’s a picture of our Yuma accommodations.:

After we got set up, we went to the Old Yuma area, and ate some burgers at Lute’s Casino. It is in the old town area, and really isn’t a casino anymore, but it looks like an old gambling place or pool hall. No pictures because we were so tired that we forgot the camera.

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