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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mesa Workamping Convention -- Tuesday

Weather-wise, Tuesday was a very nice day. We left the campground at about 9:30AM to arrive at the Mesa convention center by the 10:00AM opening.

Patsy and I went with Mark and Sue, even though we aren't necessarily looking for a workamping job, but we wanted to see what was available. We left a couple of resumes and we will see what will happen. Mark and Sue have made a commitment to work at the same place in Des Moines, IA as Greg and Mandy. They are pretty excited to be working together this summer.

We returned to the campground and got on the internet to see what we wanted to do. We ended up in the afternoon traveling to a La Mesa RV dealer to look at a Phaeton floor plan that Mark has not been able to find anywhere else. We also drove a good ways to look at some EXCEL fifth wheel trailers that they are considering.

In the evening, we came back to the Bus, and while the wives made dinner, we worked on the internet............. Since a lot of his cables were still in the basement of the Bus from Quartzsite, he hooked up the satellite at my site!!!! It is nice......... I may leave in the middle of the night!

One guy in the park has decorated his site with 'beer (or coke) can art. It looks neat.

Before we leave, I will try to get more pictures of the park. Tomorrow, we plan to go to the Scottsdale shopping area, and then down to the Super Bowl site.

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