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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On the Road to Phoenix -- Monday

Our plan was to stay in Yuma until Monday morning, and then head to Phoenix so that Mark and Sue could attend a Workampers Conference in Mesa, AZ.

Before we left Yuma, Mark wanted to buy Sue a bicycle for her birthday from the shop where Greg works. That was our first stop on leaving Yuma. Her are pictures of Sue test riding bicycles and Greg working on them in the shop:

Sue found the bike that she wanted, and after a few alterations, it was paid for and loaded. Then we were on our way to Mesa. On Friday, we had made reservations at the Palm Gardens RV park, and we were looking forward to having a 'plug' again!

On the way, we went through the town of Gila Bend, AZ. We stopped for lunch and to look at a craft shop. They had a lot of interesting things...... here are some pictures:

After we finished the visit to the craft shop and had some lunch in our RV's, we finished our drive into Mesa. When we got to the RV park, we were very pleased with what it looked like. It was a gated park, and very well kept. However, it was full, and the two sites that were saved for us were underwater from the record rains. Mark and I rode around the park on a cart with the manager, and looked things over. Although it was muddy, we felt that we could get in, and the manager agreed to put some rock on the sites the next day. We tried, and were successful, but it was a messy situation. Here's a photo that Patsy got of Mark's effort:

It was dark when I got in, but my situation was about the same. However, it is drying, and all the hookups work................. and it is a real nice park at a great price in the middle of town!!!

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