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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tue & Wed at the Rally

Tuesday was the first day of the rally, and we spent the better part of the day watching folks roll in and hook up.  We met some of them and visited while the campground filled up with Tiffin coaches. 

Tiffins at KOA 004 Tiffins at KOA 002

At 4:00pm, we attended the “Meet and Greet” where couples gathered to introduce themselves, and to get verbal information about the rally.  When all the discussion was over, we had a dinner with ‘finger foods’ that everybody brought to the gathering. 

On Wednesday, Patsy and I used the CRV to tour another couple of areas.  First, we went to a small town called Croker Creek, TN that advertised a couple of craft and tourist shops.  After that, we drove back on the Cherohala Skyway to take a turnoff that we skipped on our Monday tour.  It took us to a waterfall called “Bald River Falls”.  The following are pictures that we took on the drive.   The first are of Llamas with their little donkey buddy that we saw on a small farm on the way to Croker Creek:

Cherohala Skyway 029 Cherohala Skyway 014  Cherohala Skyway 024  Cherohala Skyway 029

Here’s a house that was on the farm:

Cherohala Skyway 032

As we drove toward the falls, we took pictures of the scenery:

Cherohala Skyway 017

Cherohala Skyway 040

Cherohala Skyway 074

The above was a little waterfall that we saw on the way to Bald River Falls……. The following are pictures of Bald River Falls:

Cherohala Skyway 087 Cherohala Skyway 080 Cherohala Skyway 083

The pictures of Patsy and I were taken by the couple in the following photo……. newly weds, who we met at the falls:

Cherohala Skyway 091

The next pictures were taken on the way back to town from the falls….. mainly along the river next to the road:

Cherohala Skyway 131

Cherohala Skyway 098

Cherohala Skyway 099

Cherohala Skyway 108

Cherohala Skyway 114 Cherohala Skyway 116

Cherohala Skyway 118

Cherohala Skyway 125

Along the skyway, we continued to see motorcycle riders…….. both coming and going:

Cherohala Skyway 135

Cherohala Skyway 051

Cherohala Skyway 052

Tomorrow, there is a “Firemen’s breakfast” scheduled in the morning.  This is where the men prepare breakfast for the group!!!!!

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