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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tennessee Amish Country

After three straight days of rain, we awoke to clear blue and sunny skies this morning.  With our back roads maps, we set out about 9:00am to explore the Amish farms and lifestyle.  Since we were just in the Ohio Amish country in June, we really did not have a shopping list for baskets or furniture.  We just wanted to see the farms and their simple life style.  Our day is best reviewed in pictures……….

The first buggy we saw on a major highway:

Ethridge TN 001

A load of sugar cane on the way to a molasses cooking at a farm:

Ethridge TN 003

Cattle on the way to an auction:

Ethridge TN 004

Ethridge TN 006

A non-Amish tour trailer ($10/person for a tour of the farm area) waiting for customers:

Ethridge TN 007

A sugar cane hauler and a cattle trailer meeting at an intersection:

Ethridge TN 009

Haystacks in the field:

Ethridge TN 017

Ethridge TN 064

The following are two different molasses making operations.  We got out at the second one, and the process is to run the can through a press to squeeze the ‘juice’ out of it, and then boiling it down to a thicker syrup:

Ethridge TN 021

Ethridge TN 030

Ethridge TN 053

Ethridge TN 054

We stopped at the farm “store” at the first molasses making farm and Patsy bought some “pear butter”, sorta like apple butter!:

Ethridge TN 024

Ethridge TN 023

While Patsy was shopping, another ‘tour trailer’ showed up, and the little Amish boy was curious about the tourist:

Ethridge TN 027

Ethridge TN 026

Ethridge TN 029

Here is a typical sign at the entrance of a farm to show what is sold:

Ethridge TN 031

A trailer load of timber going to a mill (note:  all of the drivers are just standing flat-footed to drive the horses):

Ethridge TN 036

We drove up to one farmhouse that advertised ‘homemade bread’, and bought a couple of hot loaves.  We also bought some grape jelly and ate some of it right there.  Note the table on the porch with the bread and jellies):

Ethridge TN 037

Ethridge TN 069

Ethridge TN 068

Ethridge TN 070

Along the way, we saw several ‘tobacco’ drying barns:

Ethridge TN 047

Ethridge TN 045

Ethridge TN 055

Ethridge TN 056

Here are some miscellaneous photos:Ethridge TN 041 Ethridge TN 019

Ethridge TN 049

Ethridge TN 065

Amish men cutting firewood:

Ethridge TN 072

Tomorrow, we head back to Red Bay (about 80 miles) to Custom RV to get some modifications made to the Bus.


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